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Avoid Making These 4 Common Mistakes When Painting Your Kitchen Table

Avoid Making These 4 Common Mistakes When Painting Your Kitchen Table


Painting a dining or kitchen table is typically much easier than painting any other piece of furniture. When painting your kitchen table, you should keep in mind that it will undergo more wear and tear than an average bookshelf or dresser would. This article talks about 4 common mistakes people make when painting their kitchen table:

Mistake # 1: Not sanding as much as needed

Though you do not have to sand off every stain on the table, your paints needs to rigidly adhere to the rough surface. Therefore, keep sanding enough until you see a rough without any gloss. No doubt, it will take your time but results will be more durable. Failing to sand every corner of the table, including the table legs, will result in the paint peeling off.

Mistake # 2: Failing to use primer or not applying a good one

You must have a minimum one shellac or oil based primer coat before applying your paint. Use top quality primer to get the best results. Spraying primer instead of bushing it on is a smart method as it offers a softer finish and takes half the time to apply. You can easily buy a spray primer from a nearby store. These typically cost about $5. However, you do not require any primer when you are using lacquer.

Mistake # 3: Using very few Paint Coats

When you are painting with the help of a water based paint, then a minimum three or even four coats of paint should be applied to the surface of the table. Two coats are enough for a dresser, while you have to do more with a kitchen table for enhanced durability and extra protection. Note that coats do not have to be thick. In fact, thick paint typically chips more often than multiple layers of thin paint. All in all, paint diligently to get done with your table the right way.

Mistake # 4: Not applying proper clear coat

Home decoration enthusiasts constantly need to use their magic erasers to scrub off all sorts of stains on the painted dining table. Though the magic eraser yields great results, it repeatedly pulls a little paint off each time when you use it. Therefore, always ensure that you apply at least four or five layers of clear coat on the table. This is the best way of ensuring that your hard work pays off for a long time. In fact, you must apply a minimum of three or more layers of a good quality clear coat.

Final Note

In addition to these common painting mistakes, you should also avoid repainting the furniture during cold weather or the times when temperature is below 50 degrees. This is because hot weather not only cures the paint well, but also allows you to keep the doors open for getting rid of the smell of paint. Now you are likely to get better results for your next project of painting the kitchen table.

5 Essential Things to Consider for Buying Right Furniture

5 Essential Things to Consider for Buying Right Furniture

Making the right choice of furniture that fits your space and requirement is typically more important than falling in love with its initial elegance and beauty. The furniture durability and grace should last several years. Hence, considering the furniture’s distinct details and construction quality are smart ways to choose the furniture focusing on preference more than style. Here are five essential things to consider to choose the right home furniture:

  1. Construction

If you want the furniture that is durable, heavy and robust, avoid light aluminum and particleboard frames and go for solid wood construction that typically last longer as compared to the standard particleboard furniture.

  1. Silhouette

A piece of furniture in your living room is an investment and it defines a person’s persona and style. Therefore, look for a silhouette that appeals you now and in the future. However, it doesn’t means you have to choose something without style or appealing shape. Whether you love contemporary style or traditional art, there is always a wide range of updated options available out there in the market.

  1. Finish

If you are about to buy furniture with any exposed wood, it is necessary to consider stain and finishing in color. Color finishing can dramatically alter the look of the furniture items. You can easily transform the traditional appearance of a chair into a contemporary style, simply by changing a cherry stain color to a dark black paint.

  1. Fabric

Lighter colored fabrics are highly suitable for a foyer, bedroom, or a formal living room. However, if part of the room and its furniture are used frequently, it is wise to consider a slightly darker fabric to go along your furniture.

  1. The Unexpected

Look for pieces of furniture having an unforeseen, unique element or personality. Its overall structure or shape could be a little unconventional, or probably there is some fascinating tufting or nail head detailing that inspires. Make sure the piece of furniture you choose, reflects your personal style and taste.


Choosing the right furniture is often challenging. However, if you consider some basic factors such as its construction, silhouette, fabric, finish and the other not so specific features while making the purchase, you will never fail to choose the best furniture as per your requirement.

5 Smart Tips to Choose Perfect Furniture for Mini Spaces

The most challenging yet exciting part about decorating your home or room is choosing the rightfurniture. The furniture should be of such type that it should fill the space completely and gives a relaxing view. Also, the furniture must be as functional and flexible as possible. Here are five great ways to make right choice of furniture for the small spaces in your house:

1.    Always choose lightweight and compact furniture

Furnishing your room with compact and minimalfurniture items and decoration piecesis an ideal choice for a small and limited space. Also, the furniture should be occupying as little space as possible.

2.    Avoid cluttering the space with small items

Many times we mistakenlyputtoo many small furniture pieces assuming that they would lookless obtrusive but it actually turns the space looking small and crowded. Hence, keeping fewer and more functional pieces provides a more organized look and gives you ample space.

3.    Prioritize wall-mounted furniture

Mounting the furniture on the walls rather than letting it lie on the floor allows your living room to give more spacious and a cleaner impression. Hence, a few terrific items like wall-mounted desk, console or dining table and the popular open shelves are good pieces of furniture to consider.

4.    Monochromatic tones

If you prefer any large piece of furniture for your small room, then it would be better to select one that is lightwright and has a natural and monochromatic color. Thus, the furniture will blend with the background and will give a more spacious and intriguing look of the room.

5.    Multifunctional furniture

A furniture item like a sofa that doubles as a bed or bunk beds (even better) would be a great addition to your small room, regardless how tiny it is. Expendable and convertible furniture are two other aspects of multifunctional furniture that can make the less space in your room a great place.

5 Smart Tips to Arranging your Home Furniture -arv

As the selection of your furniture matters a lot to you, so does their placement and arrangement in your room. Here are five great ways to arrange your furniture smartly to obtain a great room ambiance and peace of mind:


1.    Keep a Neat and Clear Path

You would always want your room to look and feel neat and clean, without any obstacle in your path, when you enter. Therefore, be carefulof the quantity of items you are placing in your house. Consequently, use only what you really require to meet your needs, storage, utility and comfort.


2.    Avoid the Perimeter

Placing furniture along your room or corridor’s perimeter creates a very stagnant appearance. Moreover, you would be sacrificing the space or luxury of placing your furniture in the center of the room or corridor.  Hence, when a large piece of couch feels most appealing against the wall, thenplacinga few smaller pieces of furniture – like two comfy armchairs – will balance the overall ambiance and look of the space.


3.    Consider Dining Dynamics

Generally, the dining chairs and the table occupy the most space in the middle of a dining room. When a chandelier is overhead, be sure nothing obstructs itsview across the table. A console, hutch, sideboard or even a small chest of drawers along the wall of a room can add up the required storage for flatware and linens.


4.    Encourage Conversation

Irrespective of the size of your living room, you should consider the seating arrangements that allow people to communicate easily. Hence, positioning a couch and two comfortable chairs nearby a focal point, or two chairs facing each other, is a smart way to encourage the conversations.


5.    Measure Mindfully

Always take accurate measurements of your room, entrances and doorways before you initiate your furniture shopping. This will help you get the right furniture with right measurements, providing appealing look and avoiding the hassle of buying bulky furniture for a small space. Choose furniture that allows you plenty of space for walking around in the room, pulling out a chair and accommodating everything that you need to function in the room.


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Customer from Guelph Ontario wrote about ARV Furniture Mississauga Canada

But finally I have found a furniture place!

After the disappointments and markups of every store I check out, I found online a store with good reviews and good prices. Impossible, right? I didn’t find disappointment.
That was the place, and I felt like I wasn’t paying a ridiculous quality markup or hidden fees. Also I was able to track down many of their manufacturers and figure out where the furniture came from just by looking at their online catalog. A lot from local builders, nothing shady. The quality of it being the same as any of these big name chains and guess what I found? The same sets being sold there, for quite a bit less and getting more in return. At Leon’s, I found a bed set I like for 1699 but that was including only 1 nightstand and the dresser/mirror plus the head board/footboard. I don’t necessarily considered that a full bedroom set. If i wanted the chest drawer and the other night stand, I would have to pay extra, and not cheap either. At ARV Furniture, I was able to get 2 night stands, the chest, the dresser, the mirror, and the headboard/foot board for the same price at Leon’s without the other furniture. That was just one of the things I love, that and the variety. Funky colors? Not a problem. More modern looking, unique stuff that isn’t just traditional wood, ofcourse!

Basically I walked away happily and with the ability of saying that my place isn’t just going to have a bistro set as the only furnishings.

Not only did I find that place, I got to see a bit of Mississauga, and what a luxurious city it appears to be. A hidden gem, with it’s architectural buildings and other high end cars. What I love most was the diversity of the city. Everywhere I look, different venues, different eats, just a well put city. I would very much like to see that again, and perhaps take a walk downtown, perhaps find a dancing spot down there. The city looks alive and well, appealing to the eye. It’s already satisfied me once, I’m pretty sure I can find an adventure or two.


The price is for table and 6 chairs.

The Derry Collection. The table features X-framing that draws inspiration from the bracing seen in many industrial settings, while the complimenting chairs are offered in a neutral fabric with nailhead accents and contrasting black wood legs.

Dining Table 84 x 40 x 31H
Side Chair Fabric 20 x 25 x 38H

Material: Metal Base and wooden top.

Price: $1425MZ_2555-84 dining furniture table chair server fabric living room metal