Living room trends that will never go out of style

A place where our guests get our house's first impression is our living room. As they say "the first impression is the last impression" you don't want to ruin it and be elegant, stylish, sophisticated, and chic as can be. For this purpose, you would rather invest in a living room décor that lasts you for a decade or so. Walls Textured walls behind the main sofa are an excellent yet [...]

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Tips to decorate twin boys’ room

Boys these days are getting into a whole new world of adventure. There are a lot of ideas for a boy’s room that you will find over the internet, but some ideas for a twin boy’s room are listed down here: Car theme Car themes are always one of the most preferred themes of boys. Bikes, airplanes, helicopters, and even rockets and space shuttles are inspiring to young growing boys too. [...]

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Giving your house a modern touch

Your house reflects your personality and character. A dream house is something that only a handful can achieve, but we can always strive to make our homes trendy and modern, pretty much closer to our dream house. Here are a few things we can do that are not too much on our pockets as well: Reupholstering the furniture You don’t need to change your expensive furniture anymore. A modern touch can [...]

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Tips for furnishing Tumblr style bedroom for teens

Teenage is an age where you go through many changes in your body and your mind. A lot of creativity is happening in a teen-mind and the best way to give them room to explore is to provide them with tools they can use for the purpose. Here are some tips for furnishing the teenage room in Tumblr style. Dreams come true As teenagers, we all have dreams inspired by the [...]

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Cool Ideas for Decorating a Sunroom

A sunroom is the coziest part of your home. If you have one, you are blessed with a place that cuts you out from the world and brings you closer to nature and oneself. If you are into reading books, yoga, meditation or just relaxing alone for some time, the sunroom can be a perfect place you can find peace and tranquility. A few ways you can decorate the most peaceful [...]

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How to maintain a leather couch

Leather is one of the most durable covers that you can put on a piece of upholstered furniture and if you wipe up your skills and take good care of it, it can last quite a long time. Here are some tips for maintaining leather furniture. Dusting and Vacuuming You don’t want to have dust built up on your leather furniture as it is abrasive. It is recommended to use a [...]

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Basement furniture ideas

There are several options on how you can use your basement. These ideas can determine the kind of furniture you might want to decorate your basement with. There must be some factors you need to make sure every basement has so that it will be there in great condition for years to come. Basement as a gaming area Everyone these days is hooked on gaming. Be it a child or an [...]

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Tips for incorporating rustic furniture pieces in your home décor

While decorating our new houses with furniture, we keep in mind to give it a modern touch. However, adding a rustic touch to your modern furniture has become the new way to show this unusual yet unique and exciting combo or old and new merger. You might be skeptical of this, but you will feel the magic it creates once you see the outcome. Some ways of incorporating a rustic look [...]

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Perfect Desk Ideas for Small Spaces

Your house may be small, but that doesn't mean you can't have your own little home office. Regardless of your space restrictions, there are several desk ideas you may try to make your small home office more functional. Folding Desk One of the best options for a small space work area is the fold-away desk. A wall-mount convertible desk that folds out and up in a matter of seconds. It's ideal [...]

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Cool furniture idea for daycare

While designing your daycare, you must consider the developmental stage your kids are in. The younger kids who are less than a year old have different needs and requirements than toddlers that are four or five years old. Your furniture should be then placed appropriately in your daycare facility: Storage At every age, your kids are going to need storage. You will need to store some extra clothes, diapers, and even [...]

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