10 Chic Table Trends for Your Home

Whether you’re having guests over for a formal dinner or you want to add an eccentric touch to your dining area. Adding a chic factor to a bare table is effortless with a few quick steps. Add statement centerpiece: The placement of vibrant flowers and small plants as a centerpiece can instantly highlight your table. Try to stick with odd numbers to make it more appealing. Subtle yet attractive: With a [...]

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Tips to Arrange Bedroom Furniture in a Small Apartment

Arranging all of the furniture in a small apartment bedroom can be quite tricky, especially if you plan on using your bedroom for more than just sleeping in. However, with the right design and furnishing approach, you can conveniently arrange the bedroom furniture in a small apartment room without making it all bizarrely fall in your face. Follow our top tips here. Symmetry is Important: Place the bed in the center [...]

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5 Tips To Add A Wow Factor To Your Home

Instead of indulging yourself in the seas of worries from the emerging technology, utilize the isolation period in revamping your home. Whether you're a vintage lover or want to get a modern chic interior, create a flexible yet appealing living space. Here's a list of ideas to add a wow factor to your home. Make it bright and vibrant: If your home is relatively neutral, you can get a wow factor [...]

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5 Ways to tell if The Furniture is Antique

  From a Chippendale side table to an Eames chair, a valuable antique piece adds irreplaceable charm to a room. Often, in a dimly-lit furniture outlet where the amount of parts is a little overwhelming, it's possible to buy an antique production unknowingly. But don't worry, we've got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of 5 pointers to make to recognize an antique piece instantly. Explore dovetailing: dovetail joints have been [...]

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Tips to Buy a Lasting Sofa for Living Room

The living room is the keystone of any house, and one of the essential features of any living room is comfort. While it does give the first impression of your home, and as a home owner it’s your complete right to put all your energy into designing the perfect and most welcoming living room, don’t forget to put a LOT of effort in to buying the right type of living room [...]

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5 Trending Color Combinations in 2021 for Interior Design

  Everyone knows that our emotions are directly linked to our environment, so it’s no wonder that after bearing the chaos in 2020, interior designers and architects are predicting a return to moist neutral palettes, embracing being and grey as well as pale off-white hues. Here's a list of 5 trending shades that you'll surely want to add up to your property in 2021. Muted jewel tones: Soft and bold jewel [...]

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5 Best Velvet Décor Ideas for a Classic Home Interior

Velvet is an ultimate statement of softness and excellence. There's something unique about velvet's couch, chair, or pillows, and the silky and smooth touch is enough to seduce both the owners and the visitors.  Velvet comes in tons of gorgeous shades and can be used accordingly. Here's a quick guide on how you can enhance your home decor using velvet.   Statement velvet couch: Velvet home décor can easily integrate into [...]

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5 Furniture Designs that Always Sell

Whether you opt for a unique custom design or keep it casual with a chic option from an interior designer, it's all about finding furniture that reflects your style. From sculpture design to European-inspired details, the insights are enough to decor your home for a lifetime with the furnishings of your dreams. Enduring Wooden furniture: Wooden furniture is one of the most widely used furniture styles, and nothing can equalize with [...]

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The Dos and Don’ts of Caring for Marble Furniture

Marble is a timeless, elegant, and classic element heavily used in interior design. The striking swirls and veins of the stone turn every piece of furniture appealing and eccentric to the home due to its visually pleasing and aesthetic properties. However, no one would want to ruin the beauty of marble by the lack of care. Let’s have a look at the Do’s and Don’ts while taking care of the marble [...]

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Essentials for a Modern Home Office

While work for home has indeed become a reality for a lot of many of us, it has presented us with an unforeseen challenge: setting up a comfortable and well-equipped home office. Even though having a simple desk and chair could do the trick for those working at home, but if you are going to spend almost half of your day in one place, it better be comfortable and suit your [...]

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