If you are thinking about redecorating your home for a newer, and more modern look, your living room is the best place to start with. The paint, the lighting, and the furniture combined contribute to the vibe your living room radiates.

Here are 5 important decoration tips that will help you redesign your living room

Furniture Arrangement: Don’t just push the sofa against the wall and surround it with a few armchairs or seats. If you have enough space, place your multi-seat sofa at some distance from the wall, and surround it with couches, armchairs, and seats. You could even create multiple conversation corners by lining 2 charlotte armchairs with a small coffee table behind your sofa or elsewhere in the living room.

Rugs: Rugs add quite a personality to an otherwise dull-looking living room, however, a rug needs to be of the perfect size to add that effect otherwise it might leave your living room looking disjointed. The best approach is to buy a rug such that you can place it in the center of your furniture arrangement and it still leaves a patch of bare floor between its edges and the walls.

Plush Cushions: To add some more comfort to your seating, add a variety of plush cushions. Follow the color scheme of your living room, but if your living room is a lot more about neutral tones, throw in a splash of color with some contrasting plush cushions.

Wall Art: Pick a painting or two for the walls of your living room to add some life to the otherwise lifeless bare walls.