Here are some tips for setting up a luxurious bedroom without breaking the bank:

Invest in high-quality bedding: Splurge on soft, high-thread-count sheets and fluffy comforters or duvets.

Add some greenery: Bring in some plants to add color and life to the room.

Use lighting to create ambiance: Invest in a dimmer switch and add some table lamps or floor lamps to create a warm, inviting glow.

Incorporate a statement piece: Add a piece of art or a statement mirror to create a focal point in the room.

Keep the color palette simple: Stick to a neutral color palette and add pops of color through accessories such as throw pillows or a colorful rug.

Incorporate textures: Use different textures, such as a plush throw or a knitted blanket, to add depth and interest to the space.

Organize and declutter: Keep the room organized and free of clutter to create a sense of calm and relaxation.

Add some personal touches: Include personal items, such as photos or a special piece of jewelry, to make the room feel like your own.