Wooden furniture adds a classic touch and luxurious feel to every household. However, it is quite prone to staining and can quickly become damaged if proper care is not taken. If you want to prolong the life of your wooden furniture and maintain its appearance in the long run, here are some valuable tips that you need to follow religiously.

1.    Regular Dusting

The dust particles that settle onto the surface of your wooden furniture can leave scratches and damage its finishing, therefore, it is recommended to do the dusting as regularly as possible using a soft, dry, clean cloth or towel.

2.    Avoiding Direct Exposure to Sunlight

You need to make sure that your furniture is not placed in a location that is directly exposed to sunlight. Limiting the exposure to sunlight will allow you to prolong the life of your wooden furniture and will help in keeping its polish and finishing as good as new in the long run.


3.    Limiting Exposure to Extreme Temperatures

If you want to maintain the finishing, polish, and texture of your wooden furniture, you need to make sure that you do not place any extremely hot or cold objects on its surface for long periods of time. Limiting exposure to extreme temperatures is key to maintaining the life of your wooden furniture.


4.    Keeping All Types of Sharp Objects Away from Your Furniture

Sharp objects can leave scratches on the surface of your wooden furniture and can severely damage its appearance. Therefore, it is always recommended to keep sharp decoration pieces and items away from your wooden furniture. Also, make sure not to slide things across your table, as it can leave noticeable marks and scratches on the surface.

5.    Oiling or Waxing Your Wooden Furniture to Enhance its Appearance

If you want to add some shine to your wooden furniture, it is recommended to oil and wax it every three months. Not only does it help in adding a protective layer to it, but it fills in all the scratches and smoothens up the texture – practically giving a new life and feel to it!

These 5 tips will help you in maintaining and prolonging the life of your wooden furniture – allowing it to become a family heirloom whilst being passed onto generations!


Article Summary:

Wooden furniture looks quite chic and classy, however, it can easily get damaged due to factors such as prolonged sunlight exposure. Use these 5 tips to prolong the life of your wooden furniture and maintain its appeal in the long run.