People who want their leather furniture to last a long time and remain in perfect shape should protect it from excessive wear and tear. It is not invincible simply because it is durable. If you want your leather furniture to last for many years, you should follow a few dos and don’ts.

  1. Don’t Put it Near Direct Heat

If you position it too close to a window or a fireplace, the leather will dry up and crack. It’s a good idea to feel the sofa with your hand to see whether it’s hot. If it is, consider relocating it to avoid harm. It would be best if you used a leather protector to keep the moisture level in check.

  1. Do Dusting Regularly

Dusting leather furniture regularly is one of the simplest ways to keep it looking beautiful. Dusting the leather will keep it looking vivid rather than dingy, and it will prevent dirt out of the wrinkles.

  1. Don’t Use Chemicals

Avoid harsh chemical-based cleaning products, as well as silicones, oils, waxes, and saddle soaps, as these can all do more harm than good to your leather furniture.

  1. Do Wipe it

If your teen son jumps on the leather sofa after sports practice, or if your dogs lie on it frequently, it’s generally a good idea to wipe it from dry cloth off more frequently to reduce chemical buildup from body oils.

  1. Do Blotting

Never wipe a spill since this might spread it further instead, blot it quickly with a clean, dry porous cloth, allowing the moisture to absorb into the fabric and not spread throughout the upholstery.