Are you in the market for a new couch or sofa, and you also own a pet, maybe a dog or a cat? I bet you’re probably wondering what types of fabric or Upholstery are best for pet owners. As you already know or you are about to find out that not all furniture is pet-friendly but nevertheless, many couches, with the proper care they technically become dog-proof.

Your best choice of pet-friendly fabrics should always be a dark-colored, stain-resistance, tight weave upholstery fabric. A tight weave fabric is just perfect since more resistance to soaking, in case your pet brings something from outside, it’s less likely to soak into your couch. While the dark-colored fabrics are also perfect since they are less likely to show dirt or any drool spots

Here are five fabric options that are perfect for a Dog Owner;

  •       Leather or fake leather

Furniture made out of leather or fake leather is a good choice for pet owners since they are durable and can be easily wiped in case of a mess. However, they are not scratch-resistant.

  •       Denim

Denim is a strong and durable fabric plus it’s resistant to scratches, stain-resistant, and can be easily wiped down.

  •       Canvas

This is a durable fabric that is scratch-resistant and can hold up to claws, urine, and even drools.

  •       Synthetic fibers and microfiber fabrics.

Synthetic fabric sofas are the most commonly used by pet owners. They include Polyester, nylon, and acrylic. They can also be referred to as microfiber fabrics, which means that their fabric fibers are really thin.

  •       Performance Fabric.

Fabrics that are designed for outdoor activities are incredibly resistant to water and stains and are known for their durability making them just the perfect fit for pet owners since they can withstand sharp claws and drooling mouths.