What is a contemporary style?

This is a contemporary way of decorating that is defined by its simplicity, deliberate use of texture, and clean lines, and subtle sophistication. Its main intention is to showcase space rather than things.


In order to achieve the look of a contemporary living room it’s important to stick to the following guide;

  •       Uses of color

In a contemporary style, is good to note that the main colors are neutrals, black, and white. Black is usually used for grounding or defining a contemporary style in a room. The pallets are usually punched up and accented with bright colors that play against walls that are painted with a basic neutral.

  •       Line and Space

This is one of the most distinctive elements of a contemporary living room design. The lines should be evident whether they are straight, horizontal, or vertical lines or curved shapes. The space between pieces of furniture and in the above areas should be bare. You should always take advantage of the structural elements, things such as broken bricks, air ducts hanging from the ceiling and exposed plumbing pipes are all acceptable in a contemporary interior.

  •       Furniture

Furniture pieces in a contemporary style should make a bold statement and, at the same time, be uncluttered and simple, without curves or decorations. Smooth, clean geometric shapes are also essential in achieving a contemporary style.

  •       Flooring

In a contemporary style living room, the floors should be bare and smooth, with tile or vinyl. But if you desire a more textured floor, you can always add carpets or rugs

  •       Lighting

In a contemporary style, consider installing indirect light or cove lighting and also include color or metallic elements.

  •       Bringing natural lighting with glass doors and windows.

Big doors and glass walls have always been a trademark for contemporary style designing.