While work from home is here to stay, doesn’t mean offices are going anywhere. The post-pandemic era calls for a lot of amendments in our regular practices and one of the key things that is about to change is how our offices will be equipped and furnished. There will be more open spaces, offices will be better equipped to facilitate work-from-home and proper sanitization stations will become a mandatory part of every office.

However, with all of that, the office furniture trends are also about to change for the better. Here are some of the hottest furniture trends of 2021.

Curved Workstations: it’s time to say goodbye to cubicles and traditional workstations and say hello to social distancing enforcing curved workstations. They will not only be a big shift in workstation design trends because of the pandemic but will also make your office layout more open.

Acoustic Furniture: Another step towards bringing social distancing to work will be achieved by the use of acoustic furniture which will allow you to create your mini island of privacy and social distancing at work.

Splash of Colors: Colors give quite a bit of motivation to employees. Particularly in the post-pandemic era when employees would be returning from a rather dull environment a splash of color against one of the workstation walls or simply colored workstations will give a lot of personality to the office.

Ergonomic Chairs: Office chairs are of extreme importance because employees spend over 80% of their time at work sitting in a chair. Ergonomic chairs are not only super comfortable but also prevent back issues among employees.

Bring the Nature In: To add a natural feel and promote healthy living, indoor plants will be made a part of the office furniture in 2021.