When buying new furniture, it is very important to consider the quality of the wood the furniture is made of. Many times people fail to check the quality and end up buying furniture infested with woodworms and termites causing the wood to become brittle and porous.

While different types of wood vary in their comparative durability and quality, there are certain ways you can check the wood quality before buying furniture.

Check for Solid Wood: If you are looking to buy solid wood furniture, be sure to check the wood for yourself before making the purchase. Check an unfinished edge of the furniture. If there are visible layers, then the wood is not solid but rather plywood. Solid wood is usually more durable and expensive. Plywood on the other hand is thin layers of wood glued together with resin.

Count the Nine Plywood Layers: If you are buying furniture made of plywood and not solid wood, it is important that you check the layers of plywood. Good plywood must have at least 9 or more layers. You can easily count the layers on the unfinished edges of the furniture.

Veneer Shouldn’t Be Thick: Veneer is basically an engineered wood in which a cheaper wood is covered with a very thin layer of high-quality wood. While it is not as durable as plywood or solid wood, it can still be used to make some beautiful furniture pieces. When buying veneer furniture, make sure the veneer is a thin layer and not too thick otherwise it will crack open or come off quickly.