Over the years, your expensive furniture gets worn out. Especially if you have a household with pets or toddlers running about, the possibilities of potential wear and tear are significantly higher. Your responsibility is to revamp your upholstered furniture every once in a while to keep it updated.

Here’s a list of quick ways to help you extend the life of your furniture upholstery.

1. Get slipcovers:

An effective way to prevent your furniture from any potential damage is to get slipcovers. These covers provide a protective layer to your table or couch. The slipovers require less maintenance and can be removed easily.

2. Go for vacuuming:

Use a vacuum, even if there’s no visibility of dirt or dust. It is the best way to extend your furniture’s life. Vacuuming prevents the accumulation of dirt and debris, and you can use it to get rid of stains as well.

3. Flip the cushions:

If your couch or chair has loose cushions, flip them up regularly. It will permit the fabric to wear evenly, and the buffer will stay up-to-date for a more extended period.

4. Prevent it from the sun:

The UV rays of the sun are very harmful to the fabric and wood of the furniture. Avoid keeping your furniture outdoor for a long time, and if you want to keep it for an occasion, opt for blinds to shelter it from the scorching heat of the sun.

5. Set boundaries for the pets:

Pets like to scratch the furniture with their claws, which results in the tearing of the fabric. If you have pets around, keep them away from the sofa and provide them with a separate area to rest or a scratch post to scratch.