White is a popular foundation for furniture, and it creates a sense of purity and lightness. A room with white furnishings is favorable and worth attention. Also, you can emphasize its elegance by complimenting it with delicate pastel colors. However, it can be pretty challenging to keep your white furniture updated. Here’s a list of ideas to protect your white furniture from external factors.

  1. Use vacuum to prevent dirt and debris:

Dust or debris on white furniture is an eyesore that every homeowner contrives to conceal. Regular vacuuming will clean up the excess dirt and debris and protect your furniture from harmful external materials.

  1. Add Slipcovers:

Another way to pull off the white aesthetic is to go for a super feasible slipcover. A well-fitted slipcover will act as a shell to protect your furniture, and also, you’ll be able to launder it in case of spills for better productivity; one must change a slipcover after every two months.

  1. Create an instant cleaning kit:

Since spills and spots are unavoidable, it’s essential to keep an instant cleaning kit. Take clean water and fill it with soapy detergent water and keep it aside. Stains like wine, coffee, and blood are generally hard to remove if they get dry, so it’s better to vanish them as soon as they get spilled on.

  1. Opt for home remedies:

Although the texture of vodka or vinegar is quite firm, they act as a great cleaner in case of abrasive stains and spills.

  1. Keep it away from the sun:

When it came in contact with the sun, white timber furniture practically lose its beauty and color. Try to keep it away from the scorching sun rays, and make sure to put it on the blinds to reduce exposure.