Summer Design Ideas for a Bright Interior

Now that we are entering April, summer is just around and it’s quite the right time for you to splash your home’s interior with some cool summer trends to brighten up the interior and make it summer-ready. Here are some summer designs ideas for a plump, bright, and happening home interior.

A lot of Whites: Now is the best time to add a lot of white to your home. If you can’t replace the furniture, opt for white upholstery and home linen with a few subtle pops of color here and there.

Floral Gala: Make your home a floral gala in the summers. Put in lots of real flowers, floral prints, floral paintings, and floral cushions against mute palettes to make your home look cheerful.

Bring in the Ocean Blues: Add the hues of the ocean to your home’s interior. Opt for super light blue or lime green linen with elements of the colorful coral. You could even use coral décor.

Create Colorful Contrasts: Yellow flowers in a living room with pink plush cushions or white flowers on a green table can create appealing contrasts. Play with your creativity but be mindful that your contrasts don’t end up looking jarring.

Go Creative with the Headboard: Experiment with the headboard design. Introduce bright floral prints or subtle prints against neutral base colors.

Citrus is an Accessory: Adding a bowl of bright citrus fruits on your kitchen countertop can add a dramatic summery vibe. You can even complement the fruit bowl with a small flower vase.