Neutral palettes like greys, fawns, beige, or subtle pinks undertones can make up beautiful interiors even without having a lot of color pop here and there. While it becomes quite challenging for interior designers to underplay their extravagance and bring about grandeur with natural tones, it is not quite impossible.

Here are 4 ways that will help you make a neutral design palette both vibrant and exotic.

Create Contrasts: Layering might seem impossible with neutral color tones. However, if you have the aesthetics, there are quite a lot of interesting color contrasts you could choose while staying within the neutral realm. Create layers of your design by complementing a darker neutral with a lighter one. You can also create that contrast by bringing nature indoors and adding planters or simply with metal accessories and fittings.

Texture Matters: A lot of texture in neutral tones makes the interior design interesting. Opt for light-colored wooden tables, woven fabric upholstered chairs in darker tones of brown, and a beige or muted pink rug underneath. A wallpaper in muted tones or a subtle design could also enhance the overall effect.

Lighting Effect: If you think the muted tones of your home’s interior becoming too boring, add some opulence with LED lighting. Create lighting patterns on the ceiling to add some depth or simply add accents and shadows to the architectural details of your house.

Use the Organic Color Effect: A planter of garden greens placed in a prominent corner of the living room or a simple basket of citrus fruit placed at the center of the kitchen counter can add the drama needed to make your neutral design palette vibrant.