If you have an eye for the seaside, why not bring it into the interior of your home with a subtle beach house makeover. With a few adjustments to the décor and the paint, you can turn your house into a perfect beach retreat and create a year-round holiday vibe.

Here are 5 ways suggested by experts that will help you create a beach vibe in your interior.

Choose the Palette: You don’t have to necessarily opt for the bold blues or the nautical stripes for an ultimate beach house look. A modern and sleek beach interior will do best with hues of the sand, sky, and sea. Choose subtle shades of brown, beige, serene blue, and crisp white to give a beach feel.

An Open Floor Plan: Design such that each room flows into another and there’s a lot of open space to walk around. Open up your living room directly into the patio, make use of glass dividers or large wall-sized windows to keep the lines between the indoors and the outdoors blurred.

Furniture is the Key: Create focal corners with rugs or consoles but don’t overdo the furnishing. A simple muted sofa set, a pastel rug, and a wall unit in muted tones are best for the living room. Create the perfect Hamptons-inspired look with a lot of white-infused furniture.

Little Reminders of the Sea: Get décor items such as coral timepieces, oyster shell dishes, nautical-inspired wall art to add subtle reminders of the sea in your living room area.

Accentuate with a Color: With all the muted tones, add an accentuated pink or blue color to add some vibrancy and color pop to the interior of your beach house.