Most of us have pets at home. Whether you are a dog lover or a feline person, you will enjoy your home time if you invest in the right type of furniture. With pets around, it is vital that we give them the comfort they deserve, it is nothing compared to the love and affection we get from them.

Here are some great choices that you can make for your little fur babies while you purchase your furniture.

  1. Leather

Leather furniture is durable, easy to clean, and overall the best type of furniture for pets. Even though many show concern over the sharp claws that might puncture the leather furniture, authentic genuine leather is too tough and thick for any animal to puncture. It is easy to wipe down and easy to clean. Leather even repels odor and that’s why it is most suitable for families with pets. Some genuine leather is coated with a top protective layer that repels claw marks.

  1. Fabrics:

Many believe that fabrics are not suitable for pets but that is not entirely true. The most popular pet-friendly fabric is microfibre fabric. Microfibre fabric has a very tight weave and has a nice backing to it that doesn’t allow claws to puncture through and pull out threads. One drawback of microfiber fabric is hair does tend to stick to that fiber.

Any fabric you pick, make sure it has a very tight weave and a nice backing. Your sofas will be protected against your pets’ mischief of jumping and clawing. Your choice in terms of fabric will keep you, your kids, and your pets happy.