When you choose velvet furniture for your home, you’re making a striking style statement. But velvet has such a commanding presence, any discoloration or stains would stand out much more. So, here are a few pointers on how to care for your velvet furniture so that it lasts for years.

  1. Vacuum

It’s a good idea to gently vacuum velvet furniture using an upholstery attachment at least once a week if it’s getting a lot of use. You can also use a soft-bristled or clothes brush, making sure to brush in the direction of the fabric’s nap.

  1. Steaming

As velvet is prone to marking, avoid leaving anything heavy on your furniture to prevent marks and dents for an extended period. If this happens, you can easily erase pressure marks by lightly steaming and brushing the affected area.

  1. Cleaning Spills

If a spill occurs, instead of rubbing the affected area, lightly dab it with a dry lint cloth. Applying too much pressure on the weave may cause it to break. Lastly, use a hairdryer from a safe distance to avoid any undesired marks. Once dry, carefully brush the area to prevent matting.

  1. Avoid Sunlight

Velvet is very susceptible to color fading. To avoid this, choose a location where your furniture will not get exposed to direct sunlight. If that isn’t possible, protect it with a throw blanket draped over the sun-exposed areas.

  1. Loss of Sheen

Brushing the velvet against the pile can sometimes be sufficient to restore its sheen. Otherwise, if your sofa has removable covers, gently steam the fabric from the reverse side.