Whether you work on your feet, at your desk, or behind a wheel ergonomics is of vital importance. Small ergonomic changes can help you reduce or avoid those severe backaches and pains after working for eight hours a day sited. And with an increased number of people now working from home, it’s time to give your home office that much-needed ergonomic makeover. You shouldn’t make an excuse for having to work in a cramped up and unpleasant workspace.

These are some of the ergonomic tips that you require to get started if you use an office desk, a workstation, or table to perform your tasks.

  •       An Office Chair

Always pay close attention to the type of chair you choose for your home office, make sure the chair supports your spine and the height of the chair allows you to rest your feet flat on the floor plus your knees are in the same level as your hips, in case the chair is too high always use a footrest. The chair’s armrest should be in a way that your arms can rest gently while still keeping your shoulders relaxed.

  •       An Office Desk

When buying an office desk, choose one that allows you to place your computer monitor directly in front of your face at an arm’s length away. The top of your computer should be at the same level as your eyes or slightly below. Position the monitor slightly behind the keyboard and check to see if when typing that your wrists are straight. Plus, when buying the desk, ensure it has some clearance for your knees.

  •       Useful items

Always place the essential items that you constantly keep using at an arm’s length. Such items include a telephone, files, and maybe your stapler.