When you think about it, the term “living room” can be defined in various ways. It is a place where you watch TV, enjoy movies, play with kids, hang out with buddies, read a book, or take a nap. We cannot deny the fact that we struggle too much to furnish the small spaces smartly.

  1. Use Mirrors

It’s the oldest technique, but it works every time. By just adding more mirrors, you may suddenly create the illusion of space. Choose a giant mirror to cover a whole wall. By reflecting light, the mirror will provide a sense of space. To make your living space feel bigger and brighter, use furniture with reflective surfaces to maximize the amount of natural light.

  1. Storage Space

In a small room, making the most of every inch is crucial. Think beyond the box when it comes to storage and build bespoke storage solutions that take advantage of open vertical space on walls and unused corners. Installing stacked floating shelves in a recessed space is a great solution to use the space for storage.

  1. Furnish with Small Snuggler

A large sofa can quickly consume living room space, so if you have a particularly small area, consider whether you could get by with a less visible snuggler or loveseat. It’s also known as a 1.5 seater because it can comfortably fit a parent and a youngster.

  1. Multifunctional Furniture

Invest in a coffee table that may also double as a storage bin, allowing you to clear any clutter quickly. You could also get a sofa with storage under the seat or lidded stools