Boys these days are getting into a whole new world of adventure. There are a lot of ideas for a boy’s room that you will find over the internet, but some ideas for a twin boy’s room are listed down here:

  1. Car theme

Car themes are always one of the most preferred themes of boys. Bikes, airplanes, helicopters, and even rockets and space shuttles are inspiring to young growing boys too. Twin boys can have bunk beds shaped in the form of their favorite vehicle or even have the same kind with their names or initials engraved on them.

  1. Color theme

Blue is a dominant boy color, but other than that, purple, red, green, and yellow are also there. If you are designing a room for twin teen boys, you might want to stick to earthy tones or more neutral colors. Black and white also is an excellent combo for twin boys.

  1. Superhero theme

Many boys are focused on superheroes and want the same color them with posters or bed-heads designed for their favorite character. The twins can choose their favorite each and have their side of the room displaying their theme. Although they would grow out of this. this will give them life-long memories and love they will forever cherish

  1. Jungle theme

A unique way of decorating your twin boy’s room would be to give it a jungle theme. You don’t have to put a lot of effort into it as well. A wallpaper, some craft shelves that look like tree branches, Leaf-shaped bean bags, and bookshelves with an artificial bird’s next would do the work.